Why Fenty Beauty Is a Big Deal

09/17/17 | Beauty, Love

As if Rihanna already isn’t the Queen of 2017, from being the recipient of the Harvard Humanitarian award, to last studio album “Anti” still rocking the charts, our island gyal recently launched one of the biggest beauty lines to hit beauty stores!

Literally, almost every well-known MUA and beauty guru on YouTube, from twins Alissa Ashley and Arnell Armon, to loveable Shamless Maya, to sexologist Shan Boody, had their take on how wonderful this product line is.

While everyone has been raving about this product, we’ve also seen the Twitter trolls questioning why Fenty Beauty is such a big deal, and I’m here to tell you why.

Fenty Beauty, created by a woman of color, appeals to women of all colors.  

A makeup line that includes forty foundation shades?  You can’t tell me that this isn’t groundbreaking.  

This line has been available to MUAs and gurus, and lovers for not even two weeks, and almost all of the melanin-catered to shades have been sold out.
It’s nearly impossible to find shades that cater to deeper toned skin, and to have someone come out with a line is incredible.  

Makeup brands finally decided to get themselves out of the “sunken place” and create new shades for women of color.  Over the years, drug-store brands like L’Oreal Cover Girl and high-end brandsLancôme have made strides to cater to women of color, but this does not compare to Fenty Beauty.

For years, women of color have been begging makeup brands to cater to our tones without getting much of a response.   What’s great is that not only are we being see and heard, but it’s by Rihanna of all people.  This is black girl magic at its finest, knowing that someone wanted to create a product that everyone can appreciate.  

Fenty Beauty is history in the making, and it’s affirming that the standards of “beauty” are changing.  The fact that the darker foundation shares were the first to sell out is more than enough proof to show that women of color deserve an equal space in the beauty industry.