Life After College: 10 Truths Every College Grad Understands

06/08/17 | Life

About two years ago, I was unwilling shoved into the post-grad life, and while trading in my college sweats for business casual attire was less than ideal, I realized that things aren’t as different as I expected them to be.

Adulting is in fact hard, but post-grad life is just one big whirlwind dragging everyone around.  And hopefully, these post-grad realizations will ease the weight of reality and chase away the post-grad depression.

  1. No one has it fully figured out: If you walked off stage without a serious plan, you’re probably thinking, “What do I do now?”  The truth is, besides the small percentage of humans who’ve somehow managed to get their stuff together, no one really has it all figured out.  The good thing is, we’re all in it together.
  2. You’ll have a mid-life crisis in your 20s: Mid-life crises are supposed to happen, ya know, mid-life, yet here you are, early 20s, degree in hand, and currently experiencing more stress than your mother on menopause.  Don’t worry though.  This is something everyone has, and as depressing as it can be, you’ll get by.
  3. You’ll fail at some point:  You can’t run away from failure.  Your life can’t always be one big success story, and if you’re bound for greatness, you’re also bound for failure.  Understand that failure is a huge factor into discovering your true potential.
  4. Your GPA did does not matter: In all honesty, you looked really cool walking across stage with all those medals and ropes, but in the workplace, no one really cares if you graduated magna cum laude.  They just care if you can do the job.
  5. You may not land your dream job: Unless you’re super lucky, you’ll probably end up in an entry level job, which may not be ideal, but it is completely normal.  But sometimes those seemingly dead-end jobs will help you realize that your “dream job” isn’t really for you.  Maybe you’re meant for something else, and sometimes something different is better than for what you had in mind.
  6. The level of maturity does not increase like you think it should: You’d probably be shocked to hear about your late 20s manager spending his entire weekend in his boxers playing video games, or seeing the senior account analyst in the cubicle next to you still wearing her makeup from last night’s club adventure.  Shouting across the room, pounding coffee to wake up from a rough night, and fart jokes are still just as funny, but hey, at least there’s absolutely no pressure to impress anyone.
  7. Hanging out with your parents can be just as fun as a night with your college friends: I mean, who knew Dad was down to split a six pack, or that Mom has been dying for the day to have “girl time” with a bottle of wine.  Now that you’re a true adult, your parents will treat you like one, just don’t give them a reason to remind you that you’re still living in their house under their rules.
  8. Things are not what you expected: I’m sure you were entering college at 18 years old expecting to land a full-time job making six figures once you have your degree, but the gag is that you might not live the life you’ve always imagined at first.  You might not end up being a successful CEO, or getting proposed to in Disney, but unless you’re Paris Hilton, everyone starts off at the bottom.
  9. You’ll judge your success: Making a six figure salary isn’t as easy as it seems, and neither is saving.  But just give it some time, and your life could actually turn around in the coming years.
  10. You’ll miss college:  No matter how much you said you wouldn’t, you’ll miss bonding with your roommates at 2am over delivered pizza, chilling on the quad, and studying for that exam that you forgot about. Take a few moments to reflect over the good times you’ve had and prepare for the time of your life!