How do I fit God into my schedule?

01/14/17 | Self Improvement, Spirit

“How can I put Jesus first in my daily life?”

“Where in my day can I find the time and place where I’m not distracted?”

When you live a busy life between working full time, having kids, going to school, it can be difficult to find a way to fit God into your daily life, but it doesn’t have to be.  In order to do anything with God, you have to learn to make him the center of your universe.  When you have the right attitude to approach God, you’ll soon realize that you do have time for him.

Here are a few ways you can easily fit God into your schedule without that much effort.

  1. Pray first thing in the morning: It’s as simple as saying, “Thank you for waking me up this morning.”
  2. Talk to God throughout your day: The same way you text your friends throughout the day is the same way you can talk to God.  Simple talks with God when you’re alone will help you feel more connected to him and develop a relationship.
  3. Find time to go to church: It’s only one day for a few hours out of the week.  You can go to a Wednesday night bible study if you can’t make it to Sunday morning service.  And you also have no excuse when there are channels dedicated to church services and there’s churches with YouTube channels.
  4. Use your smart phone: There are so many bible apps with quick devotionals to help you read bible verses and connect with other Christians.
  5. Put your favorite bible verses in places you can see: Print out your favorite scriptures and place them in areas of your house or job where you can have a daily reminder that God is always with you.