His Grace Is Sufficient

07/13/17 | Forgiveness, Freedom, God's Timing, Self Improvement, Spirit

We often times find ourselves in a emotional whirwind, where it seems like we can’t grasp what God is doing in our lives.  We feel confused, vunerable, and defeated knowing that the enemy is taking the very joy we find, and replacing it with negative affirmations of feeling worthless.

Believers are constantly told in the midst of feeling downtrodden that God’s grace is “sufficient,” and go on to quote the biblical verse,

“My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.”

  • II Corinthians 12:9

In the context of this verse, Paul was iterating to the Corinthians that even in the midst of their downfall, God is still with them.

Now, I’m not going to break down this verse in every way pastors, reverends, and other Biblical intellects and scholars have preached out this one particular verse.  My keyword here is simply “sufficient.”

In this particular passage, Paul is telling the Corinthians the story about his infamous thorn to illustrate his humanity and frailty.  He emphasizes that even being in such a restrictive condition, his faith allowed him to be successful.

He pleaded with God “three” times to remove the thorn from his flesh, but God responded that His grace is “sufficient.”

What does this mean?  We, as Christians, are so quick to quote this verse, but have we truly nailed the context of what God is trying to tell us?

Grace in simple terms means favor, approval, or blessing.  Sufficient in essence means enough, and to have enough means to fully meet a need.

What does this mean biblically?  God’s favor, God’s love, God’s grace for us will fully meet our needs.  His love for us is consistent and constant.

To understand this idea of God fulfilling our needs, we have to understand what Paul was going through to understand the intent of God…

Paul had this entire thorn in his flesh (…ouch!) and was communicating agony to God.  This man was over here crying out in pain to God, and God’s just sitting there, watching Paul go through this pain.

So ya know, when we going through some thangs, we want God to handle it right then and there, and sometimes, He just… doesn’t.  We keep pleading and crying out, praying, asking for spiritual advice, going to church… But God just lets us go through the motions.  It seems like He just… sits there.  Unwavering.  Silent.  Still.

Think about it… Paul had cried out to God three times before God responded to Him.  I’m sure we’ve all had the same experience in our walk with Christ: that moment where it seems like no matter how many times we cry out to God, He just doesn’t answer… or at least in the time we want Him to, or the way we expect Him to.

Could it be that you keep crying out to God and it seems that He’s not answering you?  Or could it be that you just haven’t been hearing Him as clearly as you think you should?  Or maybe He’s just protecting you from what you think you want, and will provide you with what you need?

What we can understand from this passage is that God’s blessing was enough for Paul to endure such a lengthly amount of time in spite of the physical, emotional, and spiritual pain he was experiencing.  He knew the weight load of Paul’s pain before He even gave it to Him.  There’s purpose behind Paul’s pain, and that was for him to recognize that God’s love for Him is enough to get him through any battle, obstacle, and his case, a thorn.

The same applies to whatever it is that you’re going through.  Know that God’s grace is sufficient enough to remove the thorns that prick every area of your life. We all know pain is only temporary (Psalm 30:5) and that different seasons of our lives (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8) come teach a lesson that brings us closer to God and His glory.  Rest in peace knowing that His grace is enough for us to make it through whatever physical, spiritual, emotional, or financial pain you are enduring.


Grace is Sufficient