Don’t get distracted by a relationship

01/15/17 | Dating, Love

If you’re anything like me, when you commit to someone, you’re in it 100%.  You want to make sure that you’re meeting their needs, and you subconsciously think of ways to make them happy.  You just want to be the perfect partner.

While you’re mentally, physically, and emotionally submerging yourself into your partner,  you may be failing to make yourself a priority, as well as your relationship with God.

But how do you find the balance between giving to your partner and holding onto yourself and your relationship with God in the process?

Here are a few ways you can stay focused on God while maintaining your relationship:

  1. Know that God’s love is the ultimate: Stop seeking fulfillment and approval from others.  God’s love for you is all that you really need.  Anyone else who comes along is just an addition.
  2. Pray for your ideal match: Nothing is wrong with praying for your current or future significant other.  God can’t bless the union if you don’t ask him to.  Pray and ask if this person is right for you.  We all get into relationships forgetting to ask God if this person is right for me.  Next time you get into a relationship, ask God to show you signs if this person is for you.
  3. Talk about God with your partner: Ask your partner about their religious or spiritual views and make the conscious effort to bring God into your conversations.
  4. Guard your heart: Know that flesh can fail you.  Love and trust your partner, but also know that man falls short in the eyes of God, so who’s to say they won’t do the same to you.  Be sure to love yourself and God more than you love someone else.  You can’t show love to someone if you cant’t even show yourself love.
  5. Have your own alone time: Having alone time also helps you to grow and learn more about yourself outside of the relationship.  Make sure you have your alone time with God, whether it’s reading your bible, praying, or journaling.

It’s important to make sure you don’t allow your relationship with your significant other to distract you from your relationship with God.  Don’t allow this person to come into your life and take away your attention from God.