Get comfortable with being uncomfortable

01/14/17 | Self Improvement, Spirit

If I could use a word to describe 2016, it’d be uncomfortable.

This year, I’ve had five jobs, traveled outside of the country for the first time, suffered my first major heartbreak, and started this blog.  It’s been a year of change, taking huge risks, and stepping completely out of my comfort zone.

In almost every area of my life, I felt uncomfortable with the way things were.  I felt stuck in the on again/off again relationship I was in.  I felt like my career wasn’t taking me anywhere despite the experience I was gaining, and I didn’t know what my next career move should be.  I felt like my soul was lost and I needed God more than ever in my life, but no matter how hard I felt like I was praying, my prayers weren’t being answered.

I needed a miracle breakthrough, but where was I going to find it and when was it going to happen?

In order to get comfortable, you’ll be uncomfortable.  You’re probably uncomfortable in your relationship.  You’re probably uncomfortable with your current job.  You’re probably uncomfortable with your financial situation.  You’re probably uncomfortable with your relationship with God.

But you are the one making yourself uncomfortable, and you don’t have to be.  The only way we truly learn God is in control is when He puts us in situations we can’t control.  He wants us to lean on Him.  And once you open your heart to lean on Him, He will make it so that you can live comfortably, with less fear and doubt.

The best way to get out your comfort zone is to take risks every day.  It can be as simple as trying your gym’s zumba class or to finding a new church home,  to as big as pursuing your side hustle full time or relocating out of the country.

One you give yourself permission to move beyond fear and take risks, beautiful things happen.  You make new relationships, you find better career opportunities, and you learn more about your strengths.  But it all starts with knowing you’re uncomfortable and doing something about it.

I’d love to hear from you!  What made you uncomfortable this year?  What’s a big risk you’ve taken?  Please leave me a comment below!