A Year In Review…

12/26/17 | Life, Self Improvement, Spirit

So we only have a few days left of the year, and now is the the time to take a moment, breathe, reflect on the last twelve months, and prepare for the year ahead.

When the clock strikes midnight, you will more than likely find a slew of people exclaiming, “New Year, New Me,” or “New Year, Who Dhis?”

We will  hear the usual, “I’m going to start going to the gym more,” or “I’m going to stop eating fast food,” or “I’m going to save more money” statements  when you ask someone what their New Year’s Resolution is.

Entering the new year should not being a desire to want to be a “new person,” but rather fine-tuning yourself to become the best version of yourself.

Instead of solely focusing on your physical attributes, like getting a revenge body or adding a comma to your savings account, I challenge you to look a little deeper and ask yourself these few questions.

Overall, was this year a good year?  

Was this a year of growth, or did you allow trivial situations hinder your progress?

What did you not accomplish this year that you want to accomplish next year?  

Are you considering going to college, or going back to school?  Or are you ready to jump starting your music career?  Or maybe you want to delve back into an old hobby you once enjoyed?  Whatever it is, what do you want to manifest in the next year that didn’t happen this year?

What did you accomplish this year that will help you progress next year?  

Are you putting that newly-earned degree to good use?  Did you land your first full-time job?  Did you start a new venture that’ll earn you extra income?

What was your biggest life lesson this year?  

What did you learn about yourself and how will you avoid the same mistakes next year, and in the years to come?  

You may have asked this year to be good to you, but were you good to this year?  

Did you do everything in your power to make this year your best year yet, or did you treat this year the way it treated you?

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