Throughout life, you gravitate toward activities that are unique to you.  You begin to develop talents that others may not be gifted with.  You may have incredible speed that allows you excel in track & field.  You may be able to take an ordinary block of wood and transform it into a figurine that looks like something that should be in an art museum.  God gives you talents that he wants you to utilize for his glory.

Often times we wander through life wondering, “What’s my purpose?  Why am I here?”  I wondered that myself.  I’ve been writing since I was young and have always kept journals of my daily thoughts and prayers.  Through time and honing my skills, I realized my gift was the power of the written word.  What I was writing in my journals was meant to be read.

I knew I wanted to start a blog, but I was afraid no one would read it, let alone receive it, but I knew God made me a writer to be able to influence those to come closer to him through my writing.

Through this blog, I want to show you how I’ve renewed my spirit by reading my bible daily, going to church, and having daily conversations with God.

I hope you enjoy and come to me for anything you need, whether it’s a listening ear or asking for advice or prayer.  Connect with me on social media or fill out my Contact Me form and I will always respond!

With love,



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